Marek Kułażyński -

Marek Kułażyński


Prof. dr hab. Eng. Since 1977 he has been working in the academic environment, actively participating in the teaching process at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Wrocław University of Technology, conducting classes in two specialties at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Oil and Coal. Co-author of many patent applications and technologies. Participant at over 100 national and global scientific conferences, co-author of over 200 scientific studies in the form of reports, and 140 scientific publications, mostly in English. Author of 3 academic textbooks in English and 9 chapters in books and monographs in Polish.

In addition to scientific activity, he has also performed several management and supervisory functions. Since 1988, President of the Management Board of the Innovative Implementation Company EKOMOTOR Ltd. and since 1995, Vice President of the Management Board of HIVA Ltd. He also provides services as a consultant for domestic and foreign companies for the design and construction of installations producing biofuels based on rapeseed oil.