Future - hub.tech


The change of the company’s name to Hub.Tech is not only a symbolic change, but also the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Group, in line with the adopted and consistently implemented strategy of investing in innovation and research. 

Our ambition is to build a strong group of companies operating in the field of agrobiotechnology and to provide the market with modern and fully ecological solutions for companies from the agricultural, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic sectors. With over a hundred years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we use our knowledge to better respond to the needs of a changing world. The transformation of our company from a traditional industrial business towards an environmentally friendly technology company, supported by already completed and ongoing R&D projects worth over tens of millions of zlotys, gives us new possibilities and opportunities. 

We focus on synergy and continuous development

We have the necessary infrastructure resources to carry out research and development work, as well as an experienced research team. Know-how in the field of research and development of innovative biotechnological solutions allows us to aspire to the group of agrobiotechnology leaders, and to continuously develop the main branch of our business, which is the production of biosurfactants. 

Hub.Tech today is a dynamic group of companies that enjoys the trust of investors, and thanks to rapidly growing revenues and cooperation with foreign entities, can look to the future with optimism, boldly planning expansion into other global markets.