Values -


Today's world needs technology

Which will not only be modern, but will also meet the highest standards of nature protection. At Hub.Tech, we believe that production can take place in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable development, with respect for limited resources and with care for the environment.

That is why we focused on green, safe solutions, becoming a leader in agrobiotechnology. We produce biosurfactants, i.e. plant-derived surfactants used in the production of natural cosmetics and cleaning agents, and we conduct innovative scientific research that may contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for future generations.

We have the most modern biorefinery

And production lines unique in the world. The bio-production technology developed and modernized by Hub.Tech is based on local resources and low energy and water consumption. In addition, in accordance with the zero waste principle, post-production residues from our green factories can be used as animal feed. 

Our products are safe

For people and the environment, and are rapidly biodegradable. The company’s profits growing every year, the trust of investors and the brand’s stronger presence on global markets indicate that we have chosen the right direction.